Ask a Korean! -- New Subscription Plan

Dear readers,

Many of you mayㅁ have heard that theㅏ New York Timesㄴ online is movingㅇ to a subscription-based system, which inspiredㅜ the Korean. Although ㅈAAK! has been attracting thousandsㅓ of visitors a day, the Koreanㄹ resisted putting upㅈ advertisements -- mostly becauseㅗ he did not want to deal withㅋ the obnoxious "DATE A KOREAN GIRL NOW" ads. But whyㅡ not a subscription system? Why not indeed. The Korean worked hard at building up this blog. Heck, these posts do not write themselves. It is about damn time that the Korean is paid out from the fruit of his labor.

Fear not, readers -- it will not be expensive. Starting from April 1, 2011, this blog will be moved to There, you will have three choices for subscription:

Ask a Korean! Basic - Just $2.99 per month to read up to 10 posts a month at AAK!
Ask a Korean! Premium - $3.99 per month to read up to 20 posts a month at AAK!
Ask a Korean! Ultimate - $9.99 per month to read unlimited number of posts at AAK!

Also, the questions will cost you also -- again, it's cheap. Just 99 cents per question. Make sure to send in your credit card information along with your question in order to ensure a reply. AAK! will accept Paypal and all major credit cards. See you on the new site!

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at And pay me. Seriously.

-EDIT- If this wasn't obvious, this post is an April Fool's Day joke. Please do NOT include your credit card information in the question. :)