The Korean is Now on Twitter -- in Korean

To be honest, the Korean is a Luddite when it comes to social networking sites. It took this blog more than 3 years to get a Facebook page, only after many proddings from the readers about getting a Facebook account.

And then, there is this whole Twitter thingamajigger. The Korean avoided it as long as he could, but the same problem as Facebook happened with Twitter -- there are so many people on it, and some of the people on it are pretty darn interesting. But the Korean cannot just have a Twitter account just to follow people.

The Korean's solution:  The Korean's Twitter account will be entirely in Korean (except for proper nouns and the like,) and it will be mostly about his little personal thoughts. Following the Korean on Twitter will NOT give you the latest updates of this blog, because the Korean is not going bother with it. And don't even think about suggesting the Korean the programs that will link Facebook, Blogger and Twitter together unless you want to see his head explode.

Right now, the over/under for how long this Luddite would keep this up is ... oh, let's say a week. Until then, you can follow the Korean at

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