Ask a Korean! Wiki: Gift Ideas for Koreans?

Dear Korean,

My husband will be teaching for two weeks this summer in Korea. We will be entertained by faculty and I need ideas for hostess gifts. Do you have any suggestion?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions to the Korean -- i.e. some variation of "I am visiting Korea and want to bring gifts. What is appropriate?"

Obviously, a gift that reflects a deep consideration for the recipient would be the best gift. But hey, that kind of consideration is not always available for everyone. In a pinch, the Korean's go-to gifts have been specialty coffee and vitamins/supplements. Korea's coffee situation vastly improved recently, but specialty coffee is still pretty expensive and the choice is not that great. Vitamins/supplements are also pretty expensive in Korea.

Readers, do you have any gift ideas that would play well to Korean recipients?

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