Lee Hong Ki From FT Island to Play Title Role in Japanese Drama

Lee Hong Ki from star boy band FT Island will play the leading role in a Japanese drama for the first time. He will appear in the drama “Muscle Girl,” which will air its first episode on April 19 on TBS, along with Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui. In the drama, Lee will play a star Korean actor who comes to Japan to film a joint Korean-and-Japanese movie and to find his missing mother in Japan.

He comes to meet a young businesswoman who is trying to revive female professional wrestling groups, and he will go through various troubles with her in the drama. The romantic drama will be produced with a total of ten episodes and will begin airing from April 19 on TBS, and it will ALSO BE broadcast on different broadcasting companies such as MBS from April 23. Lee Hong Ki participated in the production presentation held at the Warner Music Japan in Aoyama, Tokyo on April 13, and he said, “I was very surprised when I knew that I had received a casting offer from a Japanese drama. I have always wanted to act, so I felt really happy, but, at the same time, I was also very worried. But now I am quite enjoying filming the drama as the story is very interesting. I want to let you watch the drama as soon as possible.”

Ichikawa said, “The drama is mainly about love between family members. I will enthusiastically act in the drama to make viewers who watched our drama have the thought that they have to do their best to have a better life.” Lee Hong Ki also explained, “There will ALSO BE very funny parts in the drama, so you might be able to anticipate something exciting.” Ichikawa praised FT Island’s song “Haruka,” which will be the theme song of the drama, by saying, “I heard the theme song and it sounds perfect for the drama, and the song itself is very uplifting.” Lee Hong Ki introduced the song, saying, “’Haruka’ is very different from our previous songs. We used different musical instruments, and the atmosphere is totally new. The lyrics and melody were made suitable to the drama, and it is a really nice song.”

FT Island sang the theme song “Haruka” and another song entitled “Itsuka ,” which is also included on the original soundtrack of the drama, and those two songs will be included in FT Island’s first official album in Japan entitled “Five Treasure Island.” The album will be released on May 18.

source : KBS Global