Ask a Korean! News: Sen. Grassley Says Goodwin Liu has "Communist China" Mindset

Here is a bit of a background. Goodwin Liu is a professor and associate dean of Boalt Hall Law School at U.C. Berkeley. President Obama nominated him to join the bench at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where upon confirmation Liu would be the only Asian American judge in the circuit that includes such heavily Asian states as California and Washington.

Republicans have been filibustering Liu, and that's fine -- that's what opposition parties do. But apparently, Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa woke up this morning and thought: "Well, the bamboo ceiling has been a hot topic this week -- maybe I will bring on the ceiling to the Senate floor for a show-and-tell."

You heard the man. If you didn't, here is the text:
Does [Liu] think we’re the communist-run China? That the government runs everything? That it’s a better place when they put online every week a coal-fired plant to pollute the air, put more carbon dioxide into the air then we do in the United States, and where children are dying because food is poisoned, and consumers aren’t protected, and where every miner in the China coal mines is in jeopardy of losing their lives? That’s how out of place this guy is when he talks about “free enterprise,” “private ownership of property,” and “limited government” being something somehow bad, but if you get government more involved, like they do in China, it’s somehow a better place.
Daily Kos put it perfectly: "The racist old bastard isn't even trying not to be a racist old bastard." Now the Korean really wants to be nominated for a federal bench, if only to hear Sen. Grassley talk about how the Korean thinks North Korea is a better place than America. (Liu is a Taiwanese, which makes the comparison quite apt.)

Over-under on the number of comments before some idiot tries to justify Grassley's statement? The Korean thinks the line is 5.5, and the Korean is taking under.

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