G-Dragon, One Of The 50 Best Things About Seoul

Leader of popular group Big Bang, G-Dragon, has made it onto CNN's list of 50 reasons why Seoul is the best city.

In an article title, "50 Reasons Why Seoul Is The World's Greatest City", featured on the 25th on CNN's Asian Culture website (CNN GO), G-Dragon was listed at number 30 among other Asian tourist favorites such as galbi (Korean style ribs), jjim-jil bang (mega sauna centers), good looking people, girl groups, and live squid. Seoul was chosen for three years in a row as the best city by Asian tourists.

So why G-Dragon out of all the other k-pop figures? His cutting-edge style was the reason. The article said that since debuting in 2006, G-Dragon has been thrilling fashionistas. It continued to explain some of the daring outfits he has worn, like Alexander McQueen's silk skull scarf, wedge loafers, and even skirts. One of his most memorable fashionable displays was listed: head-to-toe vintage Chanel at the 2008 Big Bang Concert.

One more notable thing was the G-Dragon outranked the figure skating queen Kim Yuna, who placed 37th.

source: KBS Global