Ask a Korean! Wiki: ESL Certificate Programs?

Dear Korean,

I really want to teach ESL in Korea (crazy, yeah, I know). I've been following a couple of blogs and whatnot, but recently I found out about certificate programs for teaching ESL. I'm graduating soon and I'm wondering if I should enroll in one of these programs before making my way to find myself a job. The one that has especially piqued my interest is the certificate program offered through the UCI Extension (Teach English As A Foreign Language). My questions are: Are these certificate programs any legit and do they help in snagging a sweet job in the ROK? As in, does it really give an one-up advantage to those who have one versus those who don't? Keeping in mind that I'll be fresh out of college with no previous teaching experience.


Have at it, ESL teachers in Korea -- does having a certificate help? What kind of certificates are in high demand?

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