KAL v. United

Not too much time for blogging, but just had to get this off the Korean's chest --

Korean Air Lines from Washington D.C. to Seoul, for the Korean and the Korean Wife:

- 8 inches of knee room (for a 6' 1" man) and a seat that actually reclines to a comfortable degree.
- Free checked bags.
- Two in-flight meals that actually taste good, with a surprisingly decent Merlot.
- Periodic drinks and snacks, which include warm pastries and fresh fruit.
- Individually provided screen with on-demand movie options. (Watched Rango and The Lincoln Lawyer, and also Korean and American news.)
- Free newspapers (including three American dailies and three Korean dailies,) toothbrush and toothpaste.

United Air Lines from Los Angeles to Seoul, for the Korean Parents:

- Flight attendant spills water on the Korean Father, tells him "It's just water," and walks away after tossing him some napkins. The Korean Father briefly considered throwing the water back and telling her the same.

Please, someone tell the Korean why Americans cannot figure out how to provide a good flight experience.

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