Ask a Korean! News: Pizza on Jesa Table?

This photo is generating an interesting online controversy in Korea.

Yup, you are seeing it correctly -- a jesa table with fruits, traditional snacks, and a cheese pizza.
 As the Korean covered previously, jesa is a traditional ritual in which the family gets together to commemorate the ancestors. (A jesa held on chuseok and other holidays are called charye [차례].) Jesa follows a strict guideline in all aspects, including what to put on the table and the order in which those items will be arranged.

Needless to say, pizza does not really fall under that guideline -- hence the controversy. Those who favor it tend to argue that it is appropriate as long as the particular ancestor liked pizza, and it would reduce work on the part of the women who have to prepare the food through backbreaking labor. Those who oppose tend to argue that tradition must be respected, and simply ordering a takeout is a poor showing for a ritual that is supposed to honor one's ancestors.

The Korean is not sure if he supports or opposes, but he knows one thing for sure -- this ain't happening in his house.

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