Ask a Korean! Wiki: How Long Does it Take to Learn Korean?

Dear Korean,

How long does it generally take an English-speaking person to fluently learn Korean?


Given that everyone has different aptitudes with language, the Korean is not sure if there can be such thing as a "general" timetable for an Anglophone to become fluent in Korean. But it might not be a bad idea to take a straw poll, just to see the range.

So readers, go right at it. Are you learning Korean? How fluent are you? (Be very specific here so that your comment can be useful. Can you read and write? Can you carry small conversations? Can you have a conversation about complex and abstract subjects? Can you read a newspaper? Can you write at a professional level? Etc.) How long did you take for you to get to your level? Did you take classes, live in Korea, live with a Korean spouse, etc?

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