Today, TK Learned:

... that blog posts with multiple tables must be handled with extreme care.
  • All major brand beers are hurting except for Pabst Blue Ribbon, because hipsters keep drinking it. That's good, because PBR is toxic. [Foreign Policy]
  • DoJ announces that it is reviewing accounting irregularities in publicly traded Chinese companies, and their stocks tank. This will be fun. [New York Times: Dealbook]
  • Georgetown Law Center had a gunman scare that ended up being nothing. [Above the Law]
  • Trivia time: What is the largest American city that is, directly or indirectly, named after a Roman political leader? Hint: it is among the top 100 largest cities in America. [Volokh Conspiracy]
  • The legendary Shin Joong-Hyun recalls: ‎"Later, I was playing a 'psychedelic' song and some American hippies – antiwar protesters – came to listen. I became friends with them, and they taught me what psychedelic music really was. They also gave me LSD." [The Guardian] (HT to reader).
  • China might be slowing the democratization of Asia. [Boston Globe]
  • Radiohead is not coming, you damn dirty hippies. [Slate]
  • Mobile strip clubs at NFL tailgates! [NBC]
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