Today, TK Learned:

... that a law firm gets awfully quiet on Rosh Hashana.
  • If you read Playboy, women will smile at you. [Retronaut]
  • Lawyers are like soybeans -- replaceable by machines. [Slate]
  • Korea's aging population will cost more than 1% of its GDP growth in 10 years. [The Economist]
  • If you weigh 680 pounds, you can get fired for being too fat -- but you can also sue your employer. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Value of a college degree can be shown in a number of nifty graphs. [The Atlantic]
  • Samsung has come a long way, and is poised to make the next move. [The Economist and The Economist]
  • One Korean American (while drunk) misses "the racists of Fenway who used to heckle [his] family." [ESPN: Grantland]
  • This year's new law students might be collectively dumber than previous years'. [Above the Law]
  • If you earn $100,000 or more, United Arab Emirates is an awesome place to be. Tax-wise, that is. [The Economist]
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