Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Language Twitters and Blogs

Dear Korean,

Now that you have asked your readers about Korean-language radio stations, would you mind asking them about good Korean-language blogs and twitter accounts to follow? I'm not yet at the stage where I can listen to a radio show but I can manage a 140-character tweet, given enough time and a good dictionary.

Desperately Learning Korean

This question was received before the Korean began his own, all-Korean language twitter. Follow him at @askakorean. (Check out the recent tweets for a heated debate between the Korean and a law student from Korea regarding Korea's laws regarding sexual assaults.)

The Korean also follows a number of Korean-language blogs. Here are some Korean-language blogs from the Korean's feed list:
  • 북한 RT [] - an absolute must-read blog on North Korea run by a North Korean defector who is now a journalist in South Korea. Frequently translated on AAK!
  • 악식가의 미식일기 [] - hands down, the best blog that discusses Korean food and Korean food culture.
  • Interpreting Compiler [] - blog by a leading Korean tech journalist who is an unabashed fan of Apple products.
  • 뉴욕의 쿠킹하는 사회주의자 [] - personal blog by a Korean American who runs a restaurant in Brooklyn. Has good recipes with photos.
Readers, got anything?

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