Ask a Korean! Wiki: What is Your Fantasy I Am A Singer Lineup?

The Korean is a huge fan of a Korean reality show called Survival: I am a Singer [나는 가수다]. The premise of the show is simple yet irresistible. Seven well-known singers compete for two weeks, sometimes with a song of their choice, other times with a song designated to them. The singers (or their staff) arrange the songs, stage effects and generally put on a show. At the end of each show, 500 audience members -- who are selected with an even distribution in age groups, so that the audience is not dominated by screaming fangirls -- vote the top three singers. After adding up the two week tally, the last place is taken off the show and the new singer comes on.

Needless to say, the show has been a massive hit -- which made the Korean realize:  it will be just a matter of time before Hollywood catches on. Sooner or later, there will be an American copy of I am a Singer on network television, because that's what American television people do. (Of course, this is not to say only American television people shamelessly copy TV show ideas.)

If the trend is inevitable, why not join it? Surely there must be a Hollywood intern scouring the Internet right now, looking for new show ideas. Perhaps this post can push the American version of the show in a manner that we want. So here is a fun little exercise: what would be your dream lineup of I am a Singer USA? Be sure to remember that you are not simply indulging in your wildest dream, but actually trying to come up with a reasonable lineup for a sustainable show. To that end, consider these formulas that the actual show has been following:
  • The singers should be one of three things: (1) a former superduperstar who has been out of the limelight for a few years; (2) a very talented artist who has a niche appeal but not known to broad mainstream audience; (3) up-and-coming young artist who is talented but not very well known. In other words, these type of people cannot be on the show: (a) artists who are currently at a very high level in terms of public appeal (e.g. Lady Gaga); (b) untalented pretty puppets (e.g. Justin Bieber).
  • There should be diversity in musical genre. The very first lineup of I am a Singer featured: R&B/Reggae singer, two soft rock singers with very distinctive voices, a rock band, two "classical" R&B singers and a dance/pop singer. The current lineup features a hair rocker, alternative rock band, three soft rock singers, a rapper and an old time diva who sings everything.
  • There should be diversity in age and career, to include old time legends as well as younger generation.
  • There should be diversity in musical stature. You cannot fill the show with seven hyper-legends, because that lineup is not sustainable. The lineup must include top-tier, mid-tier and indie stars.
  • Be mindful of the budget. I am a Singer might be the most expensive show program in Korean television history, because each of the singers commands high premium. The show was made possible only because Korea's version of iTunes bankrolled the show, out of the expectation that the songs from the show (which will be owned by the bankrolling company) will sell extremely well online. They were correct. But even still, the budget is not unlimited.
The Korean will add one more requirement: since we are trying to envision a sustainable show, create a two-deep lineup. In other words, come up with the "starting" lineup of seven artists, and have a backup lineup of seven artists.

With these caveats in mind, create your own lineup! The Korean's proposed lineup is after the jump.

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Here is the Korean's proposed lineup for I am a Singer USA:

Starting Lineup
  • Whitney Houston.  You want a superduperstar who has been out of the lineup for a few years? Here she is. You will watch a show where Whitney competes against other singers. You will.
  • Kelly Clarkson.  This show will inevitably depend heavily on inoffensive soft rock. Clarkson is as good as any in that genre, without having to break into "legendary" level.
  • Shakira.  Must also have a sexy dance number who is actually a good singer. Also passes the "been out of the limelight for a bit" test. Latin flavor is a bonus.
  • Toby Keith.  Must also have a country singer representative.
  • Creed.  Who's ready for some controversy? Can't you just see the head explosions of hardcore rock fans?
  • Adele.  Talented up-and-coming star? Check. Also helps to have a UK representative.
  • Ludacris.  Can't have an American TV show about music without a rapper. 
Second Lineup
  • Chris Brown.  Could replace Creed as the "controversy" star. Also provides the R&B backbone of the show.
  • Britney Spears.  Just like you will watch Whitney singing, you will watch Britney Spears' attempt to out-whore other women on the show. You will.
  • Alicia Keys.  A more accomplished and dignified version of Kelly Clarkson.
  • Dixie Chicks.  Our token country artists who actually do have some mainstream pull.
  • Bruce Springsteen.  This lineup's legend.
  • Jennifer Hudson.  This lineup's young star. Pit her against Alicia Keys and we have a show!
  • Eminem.  Because every reality TV show requires a certifiable asshole.
The Korean is getting giddy just thinking about these lineups. The Korean is actually not even the best person to play this game, because he does not follow American/Anglophonic music scene as closely as he follows Korean pop scene. (He listens almost exclusively to rock.) Spread this around and go nuts!

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