Five Year Anniversary Special: Top 10 AAK! Posts

Dear readers,

Today, Ask a Korean! is five years old.

The Korean really could have never envisioned how far this blog would go. It was meant to be a hobby to kill the ample leftover time as a law student. AAK!'s visitor count hovered at two digits per day for a long time. A question would come maybe twice a week.

Now, AAK! receives thousands of visitors every day -- around 2,500 to 3,000 unique visits and 4,500 to 6,000 pageviews, to be exact. The total visitor count for the last five years is over 1.7 million, and increasing every day. The questions hit the Korean's inbox every two to three hours. Through the blog, the Korean came to meet incredible people with incredible stories. Each time there is a major news coming out of Korea, the visitor count spikes up -- which means people think of what this humble blog has to say when there is something important about Korea. That is such a great form of compliment that the Korean is just at a loss for words. Thank you everyone, for visiting and reading.

For the fifth anniversary, the Korean wants you, the readers, to indulge him a little bit. Please tell the Korean in the comment section about how you found AAK!, how long you have been reading it, and why you keep coming back if you do.

Now, without much further ado, here is the list of top 10 posts in AAK! history, based on the number of pageviews:
  1. Korean men.
  2. "Oppa"
  3. How to tell who is Korean.
  4. Why StarCraft is popular in Korea.
  5. "Fan Death"
  6. Dog meat.
  7. How the Korean learned English.
  8. Gays in Korea.
  9. Korea's racism against African Americans.
  10. Plastic surgery in Korea.
This list probably represents the broader interest in Korea from the English-speaking crowd. Now, here is the list of top 10 posts in AAK! history that you, the readers, selected:
  1. How the Korean learned English
  2. "Fan Death"
  3. Gyopo identity
  4. Letter to Non-Asians
  5. Dog meat
  6. How to tell who is Korean.
  7. Particles in Korean grammar
  8. Why you shouldn't use first names in Korea.
  9. Language split personality
  10. Dollimja
There you have it. This list means a lot more to the Korean, because they are the posts that the real live readers cared to vote on. Again, thank you so much, for everything.

Here's to another great five years!

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