Today, TK Learned:

... that it is beginning to get awfully cold.
  • Korea stands ready for a potential currency crisis. [Financial Times]
  • Japan is doing a lot better than you think. [Naked Capitalism]
  • But China might be doing worse than you think. [China Law Blog]
  • Read this if you are even thinking about getting into law:  “I thought about being a lawyer. You know, Dad, I really love you. But basically you help big companies that did it get off the hook.” [Above the Law]
  • You will be surprised to find which cities are the fastest growing cities in the world. [Foreign Policy]
  • Here is late Prof. Derrick Bell's interest convergence theory in action: the OWS protesters are mostly white, formerly middle class folks who never really cared about inequality until they themselves began receiving the short end of it. The poorest 10% (which is overwhelmingly comprised of minorities) will benefit from whatever OWS gets, but only to the extent the 89% is satisfied. [New York Times]
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