Today, TK Learned:

... that yawning could dislocate your jaw. Almost happened twice today.
  • IBM Korea is making an effort to hire LGBT candidates. [The Economist]
  • According to World Bank, Korea is 8th easiest place to do business in the world. [World Bank: Doing Business]
  • African American sellers on eBay get 20% less for the same product. [Chris Blattman]
  • Japanese is not an imprecise language at all, and other observations about translating Murakami. [The Atlantic]
  • Camera maker Olympus is involved in some suspicious payments, and Japanese corporate governance is awful. [The Economist]
  • People who speak languages without a future tense tend to save more. Would be interested to know if Korean is considered a language with or without a future tense. (It's kind of both.) [PRI's The World]
  • Small business will not save the economy. Just ask Italy and Greece. [Think Progress]
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