Today, TK Learned:

... that the case law from the Supreme Court of Korea regarding sexual violence is deeply depressing.
  • If you live in America, please take 25 minutes out to watch this lecture. And don't talk to police. [Volokh Conspiracy]
  • Kobe is a great man, demands revenue sharing in Italy so that his presence will not disrupt the basketball scene there. [ESPN: Land O'Lakers]
  • High-speed Internet is like excellent public hygiene. [New York Times]
  • Passive voice is not a demon that needs to be eradicated. [Lingua Franca: Chronicle of Higher Education]
  • Amanda Knox is not guilty. [Associated Press]
  • In the prehistoric Internet, U.S. Postal Service attempted to monopolize email and charge people for it, just like regular mail. [Cato Institute]
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