Jeongbang Waterfall, Jeju Island

What I really like about Jeju Island is that there are so many natural and breathtaking sites that you could explore particularly waterfalls. If you could spend at least a week in Jeju Island, I strongly suggest that you walk through the ollegil courses where you could enjoy this natural scenic views.

Although I visited Jeongbang Waterfall (the only seaside waterfall in Asia) with a chartered taxi which cost 100,000 won for 8 hours and split the total with another 2 friends; it was worth it!! The waterfall is located around Ollegil Course 6; if you decide to be a little bit more walking I mean hehe. If you understand Korean, you can check this blog here for more descriptive story.

We paid 2,000 won each for the entrance fee but I was told by
one of the blog readers that some of the scenic spots in Jeju Island

"In celebration of the result, visitors to 25 tourist locations on the island will be allowed free access through the end of the year." -KoreaTimes

Entrance to Jeongbang waterfall.

I wish that I could have Jeongbang waterfall all for myself.
But I can only wish eh?^^ Like you know, sitting below
the running water like in the kungfu movies where the 
shaolin trained under the waterfall to clear their mind.
A moment of solitude.

Check out more info by KNTO and Jeju Olle Course.