Samcheong-dong Tteokpokki

Min Young and me 'selca'ing at the last seats in a bumpy
ride to Seoul from Jakjeon, Incheon.

Back in 2010,  I had all my winter clothes to Mbak Ria for safekeeping. (Note: 'Mbak' means sister in Indonesian language). So today is about time to claim my precious and torn Nike backpack..hehe. Before meeting her, I had promised to meet Tutie and Acha at Anguk Station, Exit 3 after they visited Chandeok Palace.

While waiting, I found this place right next to the exit. Happyaging Center is located right above Cafe Botea and next to Kimbap Chonguk.

Initially I was curious as it stated that Happyaging center offers free tea and internet so I was thinking to kill some time while waiting for my friends. Once I went up the stairs I was greeted by an old and kind lady called Madam Rosa. She was extraordinarily friendly which amazed me as I hate extra 'skinship' with a total stranger. I guess she doesn't get my hint and I had to literally pull myself away from her. Min Young whispered to me, "It is a meditation center". I was thrilled..why? The place is spacious and quiet. People came to discuss about meditation and life, hence an idea striked me. I could perform my pray here couldn't I? I told Madam Rosa that I would be coming again to this place due to my study and she was so happy to get my 'autograph' in the guest book. By the way, Madam Rosa has spent 2 years in Malaysia but has never had the opportunity to learn Malay language! Hahah..and she wondered how could I learn the language very fast? I wonder about it myself..Alhamdulillah.

Both of us practically ran down the staircase as we were afraid that my friends would leave the station. After a few failed international calls, finally my friends came. She said they had arrived at the exit but me and Min Young weren't there. Hehe..미안

The four of us were famished but Tutie insisted to eat Sindangdong tteokpokki which was quite far from Anguk. But Min Young saved our day by searching through her Iphone application and found a very famous restaurant similar to Sindangdong tteokpokki nearby.

If you are from Anguk Station, Exit 3, walk straight and then turn left at the first corner, walk straight again and turn left into a small alley. After that, walk straight and you could find this tteokpokki shop.

Turn left after you see this tteokpokki shop and then walk straight and make sure you check the alleys on your left side.

If you see that bridge on top of us, turn left to the alley right behind us.

The place is so famous that we had to queue up maybe around 20 minutes. 

This huge pot cost us about 21,000 won for 4 people.

Verdict: "Sedapppppppppppppppp!! " Acha said. "맛있다!"  Gumiho said. ^_________^

Note: The place is located around Samcheong-dong.