Today, TK Learned:

. . .that sooner or later, big law firms will get their revenge for allowing their associates to have a Christmas break, and a super-sized linkage post will have to suffice when one has to justify one's salary.
  • So THIS is how you mummify Kim Jong-Il. [New York Times]
  • And THESE are the kinds of people who will bow before Kim Jong-Il. [Time]
  • Good overview of the recently deceased Kim Geun-Tae, arguably the most respected among all of Korea's democratization activists. [Busan Haps]
  • The answer: I hope to God they do not. The question: Will Girls' Generation succeed in America? [The Atlantic]
  • New Jersey Supreme Court now has a Korean American justice. []
  • There are now two Korean American generals in the U.S. military. [Korea Herald]
  • The reason why the idea that Groupon was a multi-billion dollar company was stupid. [Bloomberg]
  • "I'm not a racist. I eat tacos!" [The Atlantic]
  • La mere tigre. [The Economist]
  • Having harsh immigration law in your state = arrest Mercedes-Benz executive who was visiting your state to inspect his company's factory in your state. [NPR]
  • Study shows class sizes do not matter for achievements. They could have saved money and simply look at Korea's public schooling system, which crushes international exams while having 40 to 50 students in a class. [Washington Post]
  • For the first time, Korea's two largest parties have women chiefs. [The Peninsula]
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