What Kind of Technology is Available in the Military?

Dear Korean,

I have a Korean boyfriend and he is in the military service now. But we haven't contacted each other since last year. It's been more than a year since he went into service, and I wonder why he doesn't send me emails or never even called me even once. So, the question is, IS TECHNOLOGY ALLOWED INSIDE THE MILITARY? I just wonder why its been a year but I never heard anything from him.

Military Girlfriend

Answer: it depends on the base. A lot of bases now have regular Internet access, although a lot of them (particularly those on the front line) do not. Completely free Internet access is generally not available, given the understandable security concerns.

After the four-week basic training is over, the soldiers are generally free to use the phone after the day's schedule is over. And of course, if it has been a year, the boyfriend in question would have already had one or two regular furloughs. So, given that Military Girlfriend has not heard from her guy for over a year, the Korean would say it is safe to assume that she no longer has a boyfriend.

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