신화, “남자의자격 (SHINHWA on KBS's "Qualifications of a (Real) Man")

I was almost rolling on the floor laughing my guts out while watching this show featuring SHINHWA.  On the show, aired on March 25, 2012, they had a "Palm Push Game" against NAMJAe JAGYEOK (남자의 자격).  The next episode is scheduled to air coming Sunday (04/01/2012).  (If you want to watch the following video clips in HD full screen, click on the titles on screen or double-click the clips.)

Dalk Ssaum (닭싸움, “Korean Chicken Fight”), a warm-up game, 
starts at 09:00, followed by a Palm Push Game.

Hilarious Moments of SHINHWA, 
playing the Palm Push Game

Preview of Next Week's Episode 
featuring SHINHWA 

[FanCam] SHINHWA:  "How Do I Say"
Yet Another Hilarious Moments of SHINHWA
Caught During the Comeback Concert, "Return"