Chilgabsan 칠갑산 - Korean Restaurant at Insadong.

Thanks to MK for the information. MK and me had dinner at this restaurant on Saturday's night before she returned to Malaysia on Monday (which is today's morning ^^).

She loved the various and tasty side dishes (banchan) served and I vouched for that as well!
The side dishes served when I had dinner with MK and lunch with Kak Zu and Kak Zie was:

  1. spinach
  2. mushroom
  3. cabbage kimchi
  4. jabchae (no meat)
  5. cucumber kimchi
  6. pickled radish (danmuji)
  7. black beans
You might not be served with the same side dishes but they will serve at least 6 types! ^^

The famous dish here is the Jeongshik or Jungshik (칠갑산 정식) which means Korean full course meal for 13,000 won which is considerably cheap compared to other restaurants nowadays. However, the Jungshik came with meat (non-Halal).

I ordered 삼치 구이 / Samchi Gui / Broiled Spanish Mackerel for 6,000 won for 2 people and Dwenjang Jjigae for 1 people. Total was 17,000 won.  So cheap!!

How to go to Chilgabsan?

It was the same direction to Insadong Claypot Sujebi - Insadong-10 gil. You will reach Chilgabsan restaurant first and Insadong Claypot Sujebi is just next door.

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