ZILLY TALKZ: SHINee’s Key SHINes in "Catch Me If You Can"

뮤지컬캐치이프”: 블링블링 샤이니

SHINee's Key is double cast in the role of Frank
alternating performances with Super Junior's Kyu Hyun,
in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

All my “female” family members who live in Korea are a huge fan of SHINee:  My seventy-something mom, my sister, and my two nieces (my brother’s daughters).  I didn’t know until lately we like the same boy group, especially Onew and Key, living far apart across the Pacific.  Maybe genetics is playing a part here!

So, last week, J & H (my nieces) went to watch the Korean version of the musical, “Catch Me If You Can” (03/28/2012~06/10/2012), with their mom.  And J gave testimony, saying: When I saw Key emerge onto the stage, it seemed like everyone else other than him had disappeared into the background; he sparkled from head to toe and seemed to have a halo around his head.  Ever since, my nieces have been feeling like walking on air.  Oh, how I wish I were in Korea right now!