KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (2)

이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi)

Seoul Jazz Festival 2012 (5/9/2012-5/12/2012) will feature four of the K-pop Star contestants – Lee Hayi, Park Jimin, Lee Michelle, and Park Jehyung.  In the following clip, Michelle said it was not they invited themselves but they were all invited to perform at the festival.  Jimin said she would duet with Eric Benet and also collaborate with LeeSsang (and I’m starting to feel really bitter!).  As you all know, Eric Benet also tweeted about Jimin after he watched her "Rolling" clip.  Hayi said she would duet with Ledisi Anibade Young – actually it’s really hard to understand the part as she spoke too softly and low, but I’m quite sure it’s Ledisi.  Jehyung jokingly said he would perform “alone.”  I think Michelle and Jehyung will just sing solo. 

Hayi, Jimin, Michelle, and Ayeon were also on Park Sohyun's radio show, "Love Game" (5/10/2012). According to the news article, when asked who each of them wanted to duet with, Hayi picked TOP, Jimin, Gary of LeeSang, Michelle, Taeyang, and Ayeon, LYN. On the show, Hayi danced a "Gaedari Chum" (Dog Leg Dance) to fulfill her pledge she'd made before. She pledged she would do that if she made the top three. They also sang on the show live. Hayi sang "Love," Jimin, "I'll Be There," Michelle, "One Night Only," and Ayeon, Bogosipda ("I Miss You").

Hayi sings "Love" on Park Sohyun's "Love Game" (5/10/2012)

Hayi does Gaedari Chum on Park Sohyun's "Love Game" (5/10/2012)

Hayi uploaded her own picture on her fan club site:
The message reads, "Thanks for supporting me!"

Hayi et al. posed for a picture after the radio show, Park Sohyun's "Love Game."

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