KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hayi Updates (3)

이하이 (Lee Hayi, or Lee Ha Yi)

Since last March, Hayi goes to the School of Performing Arts.  Her schoolmates include f(x)'s Sulli, Miss A's Suzy, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.  Three days ago on May 15, her school held “K-pop: The Youth Culture Festival” and she was featured on the show.  She sang the songs she had performed on “K-pop Star” including “Bust Your Windows,” “For You,” "Mercy," and “U-Go-Girl.”  You can find all her performances she delivered on that show on Youtube. (This link is to just one of many Hayi channels on Youtube.)

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "Bust Your Windows" (5/15/2014)

The show was followed by a signing event where you could see K-pop Star’s Park Jungeun as well as Hayi. I’m not quite sure but Jungeun also goes to the SPA?

Previously on May 14, she was featured on SBS’s radio show “Power Time,” together with Park Jimin, Baek Ayeon, and Park Jehyung, and she sang “U-Go-Girl.”  And yesterday (5/17/2012), she was on SBS’s radio show “Cultwo Show,” with Jimin, and sang “Sway.”  Seems like our Hayi is already a huge celebrity!  I think it’s her passion for music that fills her hectic schedule.  

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "U-Go-Girl" (5/14/2012)
On Choi Hwajeong's "Power Time"

[LIVE] Lee Hayi: "Sway" (5/17/2012)
On Cultwo's "Cultwo Show"

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