KOREAN MUSIC: Tasha Is Coming to America!

Yesterday, on KBS's "Happy Together" (5/17/2012), Rapper Tiger JK revealed the US debut of his wife, Tasha (aka, T or Yoon Mirae), is just around the corner.  According to him, Far East Movement (FEM) asked her to feature on their song.  He half-jokingly said when he asked her if he could join her, she said she wanted to do it for herself and FEM also wanted her only.  He added, "I bet she'll hit the jackpot with her US debut song."

I know Tasha has received quite a few offers from American producers but turned them down to stay in Korea with her family, especially, with her loving husband JK.  But yay!!!  At last!  She sounds quite determined this time and I'm so happy for her!

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