ZILLY TALKZ: How To Register For a Naver Account and Hayi Fan club


Here's how to create a "non-Korean" or "non-Resident" NAVER account.  First go to www.naver.com.  (Click on the image to see the full size version.)

Then the terms of service agreement will appear; then click,

Then scroll down and click, and click again.

Then the next page will show up.

Then the next page will ask you to enter your country code (phone) and your cell phone number. 

Note that the country names are given in Korean, so you have to look for your country code for international calls.  For example, if you live in the US, it's number 1: 미국(1)

Now, check your cell phone to get the confirmation number and enter it into the blank in the pop-up window.

Then you'll get the message in the window saying "You are moving to the next step."

Your next step is to enter your personal information.  Note that you "must" click 중복확인 button to see if the ID you entered is already used by someone else.  One more thing to pay attention to: when you enter your nationality, beware it's in Korean.  (Try http://translate.google.com/# to get your country name in Korean.)

Now click the first button in the email confirmation row then a new window (NAVER homepage) will open.  

Then the following message will pop up.

You need to go to your email you entered above.  Open the mail from NAVER. Then there you see  the image code

When you go back to the registration page, enter this image code in the blank next to the first button in the email confirmation row - this is to prevent robot-triggered submissions.  Then click on the button that reads 확인 and that'll complete your signing up process.

Now, you'll see the following page that means you're done with this really complicated process.


First go to http://cafe.naver.com/hayilee without logging out of NAVER.

Then you'll be asked to fill in the required fields.

Good luck!