ZILLY TALKZ: Teen Top Rocks "The Immortal Songs"

I knew they were produced by Andy of SHINHWA.  I knew they rose to stardom about one year and half after their debut, topping all the Korean music charts.  But I didn't know they could sing like this.  I thought they were just another over-celebrated boy group but their first performance ever on KBS's "The Immortal Songs" proved me wrong. They are really talented, well-balanced between singing and dancing.  Yes, their performance was not flawless - Niel flubbed the high note at 1:05, for example, but it's still a feast for the eyes and ears.  Here's Teen Top performing JYP's "Honey."

Teen Top: KBS's "The Immortal Songs"
JYP's "Honey" (aired 5/12/2012)