KOREAN DRAMA: SBS's "A Gentleman's Dignity"

Sinsa-e Pumgyeok (신사의 품격)

Main cast of "A Gentleman's Dignity":
(left to right) Kim Suro, Jang Donggun, Kim Minjong, and Lee Jonghyuk

I'm not a fan of Kim Eunsuk, a very successful TV drama writer, whose mega-hit creations include "Lovers in Paris," "Lovers in Prague," "Lovers," "On Air," "The City Hall," and "The Secret Garden."  Well... rather, I'm not a big fan of her creations.  So "On Air" was the only one among her dramas I watched from start to finish.  Besides, since I read not so favorable reviews of this drama from the ardent fans of "The Secret Garden," I had no attention of watching it in the first place.  Yesterday, however, I happened to watch its first episode by chance and ended up watching the second one as well.  Maybe because I like Kim Haneul.  Maybe because I had mixed feelings watching Kim Minjong, the teen heartthrob of yesteryear.

Anyway, my first impression of the drama was that it was a male Korean version of "Sex and the City" (SATC).   Not only because of the scene in which the four men met together to talk over brunch but because of its opening theme that just reminded me of SATC's.  And of course, both are a story of four friends' working and love lives in the metropolitan area.

BTW, bumping into a familiar face while watching it was a pleasant surprise as I didn't know among the cast was Jonghyun, my most favorite CN Blue member.  So chances are, I'll watch the upcoming episodes unless I'm too busy or I come to the conclusion that it's totally not worth watching it.

Main cast of "A Gentleman's Dignity":(left to right) Lee Jonghyun, Kim Jungnan, Lee Jonghyuk, Kim Haneul, Jang Donggun, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Suro, Kim Minjong, and Yoon Jin-yi

Lee Jonghyun plays Colin in "A Gentleman's Dignity."