Ask a Korean! News: New York Times Endorses Fan Death

This is fun:
In a new study, a team of researchers based primarily in Britain sought to review evidence on the effectiveness of electric fans during heat waves that have occurred all over the world. . . . The authors of the new report pointed out that when temperatures climb past 95 degrees, having a fan pointed at you can actually contribute to heat gain, not reduce it.

At those temperatures, being directly in the path of hot air blown from a fan can raise the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.
Really? In a Heat Wave, an Electric Fan Can Cool You Off [New York Times] (emphasis added)

This is exactly how the Korean explained Fan Death in this post: the mechanism of Fan Death is dehydration and heat exhaustion. This is consistent with Korean people's general belief regarding Fan Death -- that is, heat, enclosed room and fan pointed directly on the body comes with the risk of death.

Have fun with this, people of Reddit. Thanks for the constant traffic to the Fan Death post, and all the nice things you said about the Korean's intellect. By the way, if you seriously think that Fan Death is rumor spread by Korean government in the 1970s in order to reduce electricity consumption (when the far easier option for the dictatorship would have been to simply ration electricity,) you are a greater moron than you ever suppose the Korean to be.

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