KOREAN SHOWS: Dancing with the Stars Korea - Season 2 (6)

In the sixth round of "Dancing with the Stars Korea" (6/8/2012), the "troika" of the leading female contestants on the show got caught off guard by Song Chong-Gug, a retired Korean football player, who became the overall winner of the round.  He received 24 points from the judges and here're the judge's scores for  the "troika" of dancers and Shin Sooji: Choi Yeojin (22 points), Ye Jiwon (22 points), Hyoyeon (22 points), and Shin (21 points).

● Song Chong-Gug & Lee Ji-eun (Pasodoble): 
   "What a Feeling" (From the soundtrack of "Flashdance")  (Click to watch.)

● Choi Yeojin & Park Jiwoo (Tango): 
   Siganeul Geoseulleo "Backwards Through Time"
   (From the soundtrack of "The Moon That Embraces the Sun") (Click to watch.)

● Hyoyeon & Kim Hyeongseok (Cha-cha-cha): 
   "Can't Fight the Moonlight" (From the soundtrack of "Coyote Ugly") (Click to watch.)

● Ye Jiwon & Bae Jiho (Foxtrot): Geu Namja "That Man"
   (From the soundtrack of "The Secret Garden")  (Click to watch.)

● Shin Sooji & Kwon Sunbin (Vienna Waltz): 
   "Snow Frolic" (From the soundtrack of "The Love Story")  (Click to watch.)