KOREAN MUSIC: Byeon Jinseob Sings "Rain and You" on NAGASU, "I Am a Singer"

He came out on stage and proved he's still the king.  There's always something in his voice that makes me homesick, something that makes me nostalgic for the time that slipped through my fingers. I don't know exactly what I'm feeling homesick for but it puts an ache in my heart everytime I listen to him sing.  Though I can obviously see wrinkles on his face now, his dreamy and soul-piercing voice is still amazing and really stands the test of time and so are the memories of my good old days....

He literally enraptured me with his song and I don't know how many times I clicked the replay button.  Even now, I'm listening to it and I wish I could put the song on endless loop and replay it forever.  And I can't help but share it with you here.  Here's Byeon Jinseob, one of the founding fathers of Korean ballad music.  (I hope I can fill you in on him and his music with more details soon.)

Byeon Jinseob sings "Rain and You," 
a song from the sound track of "Radio Star" (2006)
on MBC's "I'm a Singer" (7/12/2012)

English Lyrics:  Rain and You

Now I don't miss you any more.
I'm not longing to see you either.
I'm quietly forgetting the love we used to share.
But I can't understand
Why my heart cries when it rains
Just like it cried a long, long time ago, the day you left me.
I'm alright now; I've given up on love.
I'm such a fool; why am I crying now?

Dim memories of us are fading away
But sinking deeper into my heart.
I hate you but I still miss you.
I'm alright now; I've given up on love.
I'm such a fool; why am I crying now?
You'll never come back; I hate myself for not forgetting you.
I wonder how long my heart will ache.
Written by Bang Joonseok
Translated by ONSEMIRO

P.S. According to some live studio audience reviews for the show, Byeon received the only standing ovation of the night out of 6 contestants.  And needless to say, he was the obvious winner in this round.

P.P.S.  Watch the original version of the song "Rain and You" performed by the actor Park Joonghoon in the 2006 movie "Radio Star."  He played the role of a washed-up rock singer in the movie.  The song was also performed by No Brain, a Korean punk rock band, featured on the movie.