KOREAN MUSIC: PSY Sings Gangnam Style Live

PSY was featured on MBC's "Music Core" aired today (8/25/2012) but in fact, the performance was filmed during his own show "The Heumbbeok Show" (8/11/2012).  The word heumbbeok (흠뻑) has such meanings as "soaked, entrenched, drenched, saturated...." and I think this show is a must see!  In the following video, you will witness how PSY makes the crowd go wild as always; he's an iconic figure in the Korean music industry and nicknamed the King of Performance. BTW, the Korean audience are known to sing along the song in perfect unison, which is called Ddechang (떼창, "group singing") in Korea. Ddechang is a slang word.

[LIVE] PSY performs Gangnam Style (8/11/2012)
(Air date: 8/25/2012)