Long Term Stay - Jonny House

After staying for more than two months in a goshiwon, I was successfully turned to a claustrophobic and I just need some fresh air......and bigger space please.

Gladly.....after doing some sightseeing and looking out on several places to stay in Hongdae and Sinchon, I came across this really niceresidence which has been turned into a long term stay - Jonny House which I found a very pleasant place to stay.

The living room at Jonny House's Sinchon

The kitchen space at Jonny House's Hongdae. Don't you just fell in love...?? 

However, Jonny House is for FEMALE ONLY and after viewing the place, my first thought was: " I want to stay here!".

A few of Jonny House's winning points are:

  • cozy room
  • cozy facilities
  • cozy companion or housemates
  • affordable ranges of rental fees (250K won ~ 550K won) and without extremely high deposit
  • knowing people all over the world and language exchange is possible
  • the houses are near to subway station and just imagine....Sinchon and Hongdae!! ^^

I feel a bit more comfortable when Jonny House is putting up the rooms only for female. I'm not a feminist but living with only females negates some of my concerns: ie noises, laziness and rowdy behavior.

Unfortunately, no food is offered but the huge kitchen space is opened for you with great culinary skill! I'm thankful for that too as I'm not much a cook but sometimes I would like to have meal at home and be a bit less spendthrift during end of month where money is scarce..hahaha.

The girls also clean the house together during a spring cleaning day (but not in spring though ^^) as if a one big family!

The best thing is meeting so many people with different culture and different backgrounds. Just for saying, the place has Spaniards, Americans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkongers, French and Koreans. 

They normally stay between 6 months to a year in Jonny House and there's a 10% discount if you stay for more than 6 months! Check for more information on the Jonny House here for Sinchon House, here for Hongdae House or go straight to the main site http://jonnyhouse.com/xe/home.