Gosami Grilled Fish Restaurant in Sinchon

It's very seldom for me to eat outside except when I was with my guests but recently Zurina, another Malaysian living just across the block from where I live in Sinchon invited me to have dinner with her.

Guess what?

This awesome restaurant - Gosami or 고삼이 is just a few metres away from my home!!!
And now I'm really pissed off at myself for not discovering this place sooner.

This picture doesn't do the fish justice. Seriously..the fish is huuuuuuge!
This is Samchi 삼치 - Spanish Mackerel

I'm telling you...the grilled fish is much bigger and juicier..oopss..I found out that the owner fried the fish first and grilled them a bit later just to make it crispier ya know? ^^

What's a better way to vouch for it's awesomeness??

My verdict: The fish is wayyyyy better than the one near Dongdaemun Market (which I never get to review it as I thought it didn't suit my taste bud).

So tender and juicy..yummy.

Plus...Gosami serves this spicy squid which is so heavenly I practically salivating now..hehe. Zurina said she couldn't stand the spiciness but I felt it's kinda sweet. Yup..I love my food spicy after staying in Korea for a bit less than a year.

No more babbling Zarina..let's get to the real deal.

This was how I ate my spicy squid.

How to go to Gosami Grilled Fish Restaurant in Sinchon?

Get out from exit 2 of  Sinchon Station, Line 2. (Please..it is 신촌 not 신천 or else you will be in a different universe from where I am now ^^ let's start learning Hangul now shall we?)
After you pass by U-PLEX department store, cross the road until you find Dunkin Donuts and then Baskin Robbins. Then follow the map as per picture here.

If that's not enough for you....just follow your sheer gut in getting the direction right. Teeheehee..
Till then..bon appetit! ^^