KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hi (Lee Hayi) Updates (8)

Super big balloons tied to the roof of the YG building
in celebration of Hi's debut single ""

Lee Hi's debut single is scheduled to be released on October 29.  Since her debut single is titled "1,2,3,4," YG Entertainment (YGE) will release "four" pictures of her - one a day - starting today (Oct. 25, Thursday in Korean Standard Time). And just a couple hours ago, they kicked off countdown to her big day by releasing her first picture. Don't you think she looks like Tasha (aka, Yoon Mirae or T) in this picture?

Lee Hi: Picture 1 (10/25/2012 (KST))

YGE always leaves their big name artists alone when it comes to producing music, but as Hi is still a rookie and they have exceptional expectations for her, she has received one-on-one supervision from YG (Yang Hyunseok). And her music video cost 2.5 times more than other YGE singers' videos. It was directed by Han Samin who also has worked with Big Bang ("Blue" & "Monster") and 2NE1 ("Lonely"). (LINK)

BTW, as it seems YGE decided to spell her name Hi, I will use it too from now on even though I think it looks a little awkward.

Update: October 26 (KST)

YGE just released Hi's second picture to tease her fans. Basically, I'm the kind of person who couldn't care less if someone has plastic surgery or not but frankly, I love it more when people act and look natural. So, I'm glad that Hi didn't do anything to her face.

Lee Hi: Picture 2 (10/26/2012 (KST))

Update: October 27 (KST)

In her third picture, Hi is a catgirl.  Meow~~!!!!  YG said in an interview with Star News (10/26/2012), "I have a hunch Hi's solo debut single '1, 2, 3, 4' will be daebak, i.e., a huge success." He teased her fans, revealing that she has completely transformed her music as well as her look, beyond anyone's expectations.

Lee Hi: Picture 3 (10/27/2012 (KST))

Update: October 28 (KST)

Hi's fourth picture was just revealed and the last to be unveiled is her song. Can't wait until tomorrow!

Lee Hi: Picture 4 (10/28/2012 (KST))