ZILLY TALKZ: Cloud Atlas Starring Bae Doona Opened Nationwide in the US

Last night (10/26/2012), the Wachowskis and Tykwer's epic adventure film "Cloud Atlas" starring South Korea's Bae Doona opened nationwide in the US. I've read quite mixed reviews about the movie like CNN's Cloud Atlas' is all over the map by Tom Charity but it's yours to decide. And if Buddhism or Buddhist philosophy (such as the "bondage of life, death, and rebirth") is not too foreign to you, I don't think it'll be too hard for you to follow/understand this seemingly too complicated, "too ambitious" movie.

Yet, the movie left something to be desired: It's too bad that the production designer, the art director, and the costume designer of the movie didn't do their homework. Future Korea is more like Japan most of the time and China at times.

In the movie, South Korean actress Bae Doona plays Sonmi-451 and two other roles. In an interview I read some time ago, she said she had learned to speak British English for the role and it obviously shows in every interview she's had. I think her British accent is so adorable.

Bae Doona interviewed at the premiere of the film "Cloud Atlas"
at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, in Los Angeles

Unfortunately, however, as Bae's English is quite limited, I feel really sorry that she couldn't express her thoughts as eloquently as she does in Korean. So I chose to translate two of her interviews into English. First, let us watch her reveal how she was cast to play Sonmi-451, Tilda Ewing, and a Mexican woman in the movie on TvN's talk show "Taxi" aired on May 10, 2012.

And the following is Bae's interview with All TV Canada at the premiere of the movie during the Toronto International Film Festival (September 9, 2012).

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