KOREAN MOVIES: Free Concert Performed to Promote the Movie "26 Years"

On November 16, 2012, there was a free concert performed in the heart of Seoul Plaza to promote the 2012 South Korean action revenge film "26 Years."  The movie is based on Kangfull's 2006 comic by the same title which is also based on the historical event that happened in 1980, that is, the Gwangju Democratization Movement, aka, Gwangju Pro-democracy Protest or Gwangju Massacre. (Click to learn more about the event.)  The following clip is a cast interview video featuring Jin Goo, Han Hyejin, Bae Subin, Im Seulong, Lee Kyung-young, Jang Gwang, Jo Deokjae, and Kangfull.

And the video clip you are going to watch next features the cast and director interviews at the movie premiere (Nov. 22, 2012):

This movie will open less than two days and I hope it will be a mega hit movie of all time. Now, the last clip for you to watch is the 5-minute highlights from the movie:

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