KOREAN MOVIES: Music Video of the Song "Flower" from the Soundtrack of "26 Years" Unveiled

As follows is the music video of "Flower," a song featured on the soundtrack of the 2012 South Korean movie "26 years" with English subtitles. The song/video features South Korean musicians and actors such as Aktoong, Bae Subin, Bye Bye Sea, Horan, Im Seulong, Jin Goo, Jung Jichan, Kim Hyungjoong, Kim Jongseo, The Koxx, Lee Gyuho, Lee Hyunseok, Lee Seokhoon, Lee Seunghwan, Peter Pan Complex, Pia, Romantic Punch, Rose Motel, Soran, Taru, Trans Fixion, Yellow Monsters, Ynot, Yoon Dohyun, Yoon Sang, Yozoh, Zitten, and the cartoonist Kangfull.

Lee Seunghwan revealed on TvN's "Taxi," aired on November 8, 2012, that it was unusually hard to call his artist/musician friends together to collaborate on the song 'cause the movie deals with sensitive topics. Many of his musical colleagues who readily accepted his offers to collaborate at other times chickened out and said no this time.

The song "Flower" was originally released March 12, 2003, along with its music video, just 8 days before the Iraq War (3/20/2003~12/18/2011) broke out.  South Koreans were so amazed when they first watched the video as the purpose of the video was to convey the anti-war message. In fact, they posted messages such as these: "Was this video made, predicting the war in Iraq?" or "Let's send this video to CNN so that people around the world can watch it too." Lee Seunghwan said he wanted to tell the world that no war is justifiable in any case. The video also conveyed the message of hope as it showed a flower blooming in the ruins of war at the end of it.

The music video featured the actress Park Shinhye ("You're Beautiful") at age 13.  During the time she was signed to Lee Seunghwan's Dream Factory (DF) (2003~2009), she was trained to be DF's BoA but it's been known that despite her outstanding dancing talent, her singing abilities, especially when expressing her emotions while singing, held her back. So she was advised to take some acting lessons and ironically took up acting in the end. Yes, it's true when we say no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

[MV] Flower: Lee Seunghwan (2003)
Featuring Park Shinhye

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