KOREAN MUSIC: Lee Hi (Lee Hayi) Updates (10)

(UPDATE)  At this very moment I'm writing this, Hi is on a plane heading to Hong Kong, together with Big Bang. Scroll down to see her pictures taken at the Incheon Int'l Airport today (Wednesday morning (11/28/2012) in KST).


Yesterday (11/24/2012), YG said Hi's new song "Scarecrow" was meant to be a surprise gift to people in their 30's and 40's (LINK). As many of you already know now, this song was written by JYP at YG's request five years ago and was supposed to be Park Bom's solo debut song.  She even performed it in 2007 Big Bang concert.  When YG chose to form 2NE1 and made her join the group, however, the song seemed doomed to remain unreleased. But as he loved the song so much and he figured out over half of Hi's fans are in their 30's, 40's and even 50's, he wanted to comfort these old school analog generations with an old school analog song. According to YG, this song will not be featured on her next album scheduled to be released early next year and her next songs will definitely lean towards soul.


(You ask me) why I don't know
that all kinds of love will change over time.
(You tell me) things will change in a year
and even the thought of you will not pain me.
But I know my heart too well;
I know too well that it will never change.
Because everyone has a perfect match,
that kind of love will never be forgotten.

(Refrain)You may think that I've forgotten you
and that I am happy with someone else.
But I still can’t forget you like this,
like a scarecrow that is left standing alone.

When the sun sets and everyone goes home,
I am left standing alone in an open field.
Darkness grows thicker and gradually makes me blind
so it scares me more and more because I'm alone.
But before I know it, when I open my eyes that I have kept tightly shut,
I see stars beautifully twinkle.
They look like you who are so far away
so I pray to them that you will come back to me someday.


You may think that I've forgotten you (oh, you may think that I)
and that I am happy with someone else (having forgotten you).
But I still can’t forget you like this (I can't forget), 
like a scarecrow that is left standing alone (even when you left me, like a scarecrow).

Like a scarecrow that is left standing alone.

Lyrics and Music by JYP
Translation by ONSEMIRO

BTW, is it just me or does this song sound quite familiar with Tashannie's 2000 song Haru Haru (하루 하루, "Day By Day")?  Tashannie's song was a cover of Jung Yeonjun's 1993 song; Jung, a former member/leader of Uptown, aka, Chris Jung, was the producer of the duo. He claimed that he wrote the song himself but in fact, the song was mostly a rip off of Karyn White's 1988 song "Superwoman."

[MV] Tashannie: Day By Day (2000)
Warning: This video contains content some viewers may find disturbing.

[MV] Karyn White: Superwoman (1988)

Lee Hi pictures taken in the Incheon Airport boarding area