KOREAN MUSIC: Hi and GD on Golden Disk Red Carpet

At last! My busy days are almost over which I think will make me blog more often!  I'm really sorry for the unintentional laziness in publishing your comments, too.

Today, Lee Hi made her appearance on the red carpet at the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia, together with none other than G-Dragon (of Big bang).  she looked quite nervous posing for photo shoots, maybe because she was around GD?  But I think she looks healthier now and really pretty in those pictures.

Hi performs "1,2,3,4" at 27th Golden Disk Awards

Hi also sang "Mama Do" but embedding of the video is prohibited by the uploader. So please click here to watch her perform. (FYI, in between her performances Hi said, "This is my first visit to Malaysia and I really thanks you for shouting and cheering for me. My next song is 'Mama Do' and please clap and cheer again for me.  Thanks.")

Hi with GD at Golden Disk Red Carpet

Hi receives Seoul Rookie of the Year Award.