KOREAN CULTURE: Korea’s Incredibly Customer-Friendly Delivery Service (2)

As New York and New England have been digging out from epic snow (and tell this Minnesota mom about snow!), I happened to remember the pictures I had seen on the Internet: Those were the pictures of South Korean delivery men taken in the midst of heavy snowfall.

As I mentioned in one of my May posts, South Korea delivers against all odds. Basically, South Korea is heaven for all the lazy souls who crave midnight snacks or on a bad weather day or any day. (Click to learn more about South Korea's incredibly customer-friendly delivery service.)  Unlike the U.S., most South Korean delivery guys are on motorcycles, especially in big cities to maneuver through notorious traffic congestion, as the lightning fast delivery is a key to maintain the quality of food they deliver.

But, alas, every rose has its thorn and of course, there are downsides to this seemingly heavenly delivery service.  Even though motorcycles are considered more efficient and faster to reach planned delivery destinations, riding a motorcycle is riskier and more dangerous than driving a car. And even riskier and more dangerous in snow or rain. So the pictures of seemingly invincible South Korea delivery men on motorbikes always give me mixed feelings.